Common Nonsense:Our Strike of Art!

【明報專訊】Please don't be mistaken, fellows! I'm a big fan of our theme song 'Glory to Hong Kong', both its orchestra version and its street interpretation played out and sung out in every demonstration of ours! Still, however, I always imagine that we may play Dmitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7 to soundtrack our every move to combat the misgovernance and tyranny of the HKSAR administration. The piece is always better known to be the Leningrad Symphony, showcasing the Russian people's sheer defiance of the siege of Leningrad and their confrontation with the imminent clear and present danger of the assault of a gigantic tyrannical machine known as Nazi. But Leningrad was at one time a stronghold of Stalin's Soviet Union. It seems to be a rare case that a polity in the grip of the iron fist of known tyrannical rule was trying its utmost to ward off the threat of another known tyranny.