Common Nonsense : You can't win back our hearts

【明報專訊】Yes, hmmm... in fact, no, you guys can't win back our hearts as there is no flame to be struck between us. Any flame before? None either. Our hearts have never been deposited into your offices. You fellows are just paid representatives of our minds and wills in the legislature. You are not my maverick Romeo for whom I would love to meet outside my balcony under the moon. I don't make bed for you and you had better not to make mine. Please leave my heart alone, undisturbed and undaunted. I just feel dismayed and much disgusted when reading the A1 headline on the Morning Post the other day: "We will do our best to win back hearts of HK people". That was such an odd quote from the freshly defeated (again!) pan-democrats when they just posted themselves as a united front on the stage, before the cameras, holding hands, looking solemn, bowing deep, projecting humility and acting soul-searching while the establishment just merrily announced their consecutive victories in the two consecutive by-elections triggered by the lawful but disgraceful DQ campaigns. For the avoidance of doubt, I did vote for those losers, one after the other, in the sun and in the rain. My friends teased me, not without mischief, "You voted them with tears?" I corrected them, "Transliterally, I sucked my tears while casting my vote!" The so-called pan-democrats indeed suck. In the act of their public apologising, they only looked mesmeric to themselves, miserable to others.