Editorial : Jumbo Becomes Sea Garbage Hereafter

【明報專訊】Just a few days after being towed away from Hong Kong, the Jumbo Floating Restaurant (hereinafter "Jumbo") encountered adverse weather conditions in the South China Sea and sank. Its parent company said that since the water depth at the scene exceeded 1,000 metres, salvaging the vessel would be extremely difficult. Jumbo had operated for nearly half a century in Hong Kong and was once hailed as the "largest floating restaurant in the world", not to mention that it had been an iconic landmark of the city and a place full of collective memories. It is sad that we had to say goodbye forever to Jumbo by seeing it sink to the bottom of the sea. Because of the restaurant's high operation costs and the failure to find a "white knight" to take it over, the parent company had decided to send the vessel away but had never revealed where it was bound for. The ocean is not a dumping ground. Citizens have many questions about leaving Jumbo buried in the South China Sea. Its parent company should explain in detail its original destination and how it sank. The SAR government should also follow up on the matter.