Editorial : A new cultural bureau in the government revamp

【明報專訊】THE reorganisation of the government's structure has again been placed on the agenda. The Chief Executive has announced that, in the upcoming policy address next month, the establishment of a cultural bureau and the division of the Transport and Housing Bureau into two bureaus will be mentioned. The policy making structure of a government should reflect the practical needs of society. With the land and housing problem being the most urgent task to tackle, the separation of transport and housing affairs is long overdue. Many big cities in the world have designated government departments in charge of promoting the development of cultural work and the cultural industry. By contrast, Hong Kong has so far lacked the related supporting measures. The handling of the city's cultural affairs has been scattered across various departments. There has been neither an overall strategy nor a macroscopic vision. As the central government's 14th five-year plan has mentioned supporting the development of Hong Kong into an exchange centre for Chinese and foreign cultures and arts, the establishment of the cultural bureau will be a substantial step towards formulating the vision blueprint and the development strategy concerned. The authorities should engage more with the stakeholders of the industry to clearly define the cultural bureau's functions.