Editorial:Equitable distribution of LegCo seats

【明報專訊】Central government officials are holding a three-day symposium in Hong Kong to solicit opinions on ''improving the electoral system of the HKSAR''. The future allocation of the three types of Legislative Council seats, the exercise of the Election Committee's authority as well as the composition and operation of the candidate qualification review committee have become the concerns of many. The ''major revamp'' of Hong Kong's electoral system by the central government is aimed at excluding ''anti-China individuals who disrupt Hong Kong'' from the organs of government. On the one hand, the principle of ''one country'' should be adhered to in the specific design of the new system. On the other hand, the uniqueness of Hong Kong society should be maintained. A sound system design can guarantee pluralism in society, take care of Hong Kong's interests as a whole, avoid the system being skewed in favour of vested interests and encourage different stakeholders to narrow differences through communication. The new arrangements for the electoral system have to reflect the diversity of society and allow different voices in LegCo. Regarding the distribution of seats in the future LegCo, allocating 30 seats to each of the three types of seats, namely geographical constituencies, functional constituencies and Election Committee representatives, will be more desirable in terms of openness and inclusiveness than the 2:3:4 or 2:2:5 ratios.