Editorial : Uphold PRN spirit to carry June 4 flame on

【明報專訊】DESPITE the absence of a core organiser, thousands of candles were lit as before at Victoria Park on the 31st anniversary of the June 4 Incident. The police only "reminded" the public to follow the group gathering ban but did not stop people from entering the soccer fields of Victoria Park. The pandemic might have affected the way Hong Kong people remembered June 4 this year, but it has not affected their determination in demanding a vindication of the victims. The memorial services that "blossomed everywhere" were largely peaceful in many districts. The 1989 Democracy Movement touched the hearts of many because it was a peaceful, rational and non-violent (PRN) patriotic democratic movement. Similarly, Hong Kong people have won international acclaim for persisting in June 4 commemoration for 31 years mainly because of their PRN spirit. June 4 remembrance is a local movement initiated by Hong Kong's civil society. Its longevity is due not only to the powerful moral appeal of PRN, but also to the pure nature of the movement, which has not been contaminated by too many political operations or complex calculations. As long as people do not forget their initial intention and adhere to the two characteristics mentioned above so that June 4 memorial will not be "politically hijacked", this local movement will certainly be able to carry on.