Editorial : Enforcement might be unavoidable

【明報專訊】THE GOVERNMENT'S proposal of temporarily barring pubs and restaurants from selling alcoholic beverages has provoked controversy. There are views that a more direct approach, i.e. the crowd limits which have been taken in foreign countries, should be imitated here. Since a compulsory quarantine order for arrivals came into effect last week, we have seen some irresponsible arrivals ignoring the order. This has significantly increased the risk of viral transmission. It is necessary to step up anti-pandemic efforts at community level as soon as possible. There must not be any indecision. When it comes to anti-pandemic efforts at community level, everyone's cooperation is necessary, while self-discipline is also essential. However, as there will always be rule-breakers, enforcement will become inevitable. It is believed that the public will accept measures that limit personal freedoms if they are reasonable and appropriate. Limiting crowd sizes is a practice that is worth consideration.