Editorial : Coronavirus: a test of HK people's civism

【明報專訊】THE PANDEMIC is worsening across the globe, with the numbers of confirmed cases and deaths abroad surpassing those of China for the first time. The Centre for Health Protection thinks Hong Kong is seeing a second wave of Covid-19 infections as most of the recently confirmed cases in the city have been imported from abroad. As Hong Kong people and students overseas are returning from Europe and America in droves, the number of imported cases may increase significantly. In no way should members of society lower their guard against the disease. Some countries have adopted a rather "laissez-faire attitude" to the pandemic without taking any proactive measures. Since Hong Kong is in a passive position facing the pandemic abroad, it must tighten up its own anti-pandemic work. It is essential for the authorities to ramp up quarantine and ancillary measures. Citizens should also be responsible and refrain from unnecessary travel to other countries. If they really need to get things done abroad, they should comply with quarantine requirements in a self-disciplined manner after returning to Hong Kong. In the face of the pandemic, it is exactly time that our quality of citizenship is put to the test.