Editorial : Protests that spread like wildfire

【明報專訊】THE nationwide demonstrations that have lasted over a week in Iraq have caused 110 deaths and more than 6,000 injuries. In Egypt, the protests that have gone on for three Fridays in a row have rendered more than 3,000 people arrested. In Indonesia, protests by university students and racial unrest last month have led to over 30 deaths, over 300 injuries and over 100 arrests. Vigorous protests in Ecuador, South America have forced government departments to evacuate the capital and announce a curfew and a 60-day state of emergency. Hundreds of people have been arrested. All around the globe, it seems that scenes of fire and smoke are everywhere. What is happening in Hong Kong is being replicated in Asia, Africa and Latin America. These struggles and confrontations exhibit characteristics of their respective backgrounds. But they also bear parallels in an era of globalisation. They are lessons that deserve to be learnt by those in government in all countries around the globe.