Editorial : Think thrice about the impact of a general strike

【明報專訊】WITH the Legislative Council scheduled to scrutinise the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance amendment bill today, organisations against the amendment have called for massive strike actions by workers, businesses and students across the city. Some have even tossed off more radical ideas online. The more serious the crisis is, the more necessary it is to emphasise rationality and think thrice before one acts. Those who suggested "selling the Hong Kong dollar by all people" as a way to target Chinese‑funded banks have paid absolutely no regard to the possible consequences of financial panic. They should be strongly condemned for making such irresponsible comments. Although the Basic Law stipulates that Hong Kong people have the right to strike, all sectors of the city should thoroughly consider the impact of their strikes rather than act blindly without thinking. As for secondary and primary school students, they should focus on their studies but not going on strike. The amendment of a bill is a legislative affair. Members of society can make their utmost efforts to argue their case, but at the end the matter still has to be settled within the system. A "conscience vote" by the Legislative Council is a better way out of the crisis. Exerting pressure on the government by self‑harming means and destructive acts irrespective of the social costs is simply a reckless move which is inadvisable.