Editorial﹕Foul play will not solve the problem

【明報專訊】THE Legislative Council is locked in unprecedented institutional stalemate in the midst of the deliberation of the amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance. The Bills Committee is now disorderly and dysfunctional, with both the pan-democrats and the pro‑establishment camp claiming to be in charge of the only legitimate committee and engaging in not only verbal disagreements but also physical scuffles. They are doing a disservice to Legco's reputation. It is not uncommon for the pan‑democrats and pro-establishment camp to be locked in disagreements. But the latest incident is serious in nature in the sense that it has undermined the institutions and practices of the Legislative Council. The interplay between political and institutional deadlocks is such that attempts to sort out the messy situation have only entangled it further. Only he who tied the Gordian knot can untie it — the political deadlock triggered by the amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance has to be resolved by the government. As for the institutional deadlock in the Legislative Council, the pan-democrats and pro-establishment camp have to pay proper regard to bounds of decency and seek a way out through dialogue. They should stop foul play or setting bad precedents so as not to further undermine the institutions and practices of the Legislative Council.