Editorial﹕Transplanting HK's success into the Greater Bay Area

【明報專訊】THE Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area set out by Beijing has met with mixed reactions from different sectors in Hong Kong. Some see new opportunities in the plan while some simply shrug it off, reflecting two totally different views on Hong Kong's positioning and the Chinese development model. However, to contemplate the city's future path, one should put aside the Hong Kong-supremacy mentality or the myopic view that only the region south of Shenzhen River matters. Rather than focus on who is the leader in the Greater Bay Area or worry about a brain drain from Hong Kong, it is better to strive for mutual benefits and win-win cooperation. During the first two decades of the mainland's reform and opening-up, many Hong Kong people made inroads into the Pearl River Delta region in search of opportunities, promoting the development of Hong Kong at the same time. If we say the mainland was transplanting coarsely the Hong Kong business model in those days, the "second reform" advocated for the Pearl River Delta this time in the Outline Development Plan aims at transplanting meticulously Hong Kong's experience in areas like legal institutions and internationalisation. As proved by history, the mainland's reform means an opportunity for the development of Hong Kong. If the policies are thorough and comprehensive, Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area will bring out the best in each other's development.