Editorial : Britain must wake up from the Brexit dream

【明報專訊】THERESA May's government has suffered a historic defeat as her Brexit deal was rejected by parliament by a large margin. The idea that the UK can quit the EU painlessly and continue to enjoy all sorts of benefits is a lie told by politicians. The defeat is not unexpected since it has been an impossible mission for May to turn a pipe dream or a lie into reality. Now the UK is left with only two options: to remain in the EU or a no-deal exit. A disorderly Brexit will be a disaster. To find the way out, British politicians must have the political courage to tell the people that it is impossible to fish the moon from the water and it is time to wake up from the Brexit dream. There is a saying that politics is the art of the possible. However, to turn the impossible into the possible, the prerequisite is to be practical. One cannot find the way out by indulging oneself in political fantasies. This is the most important lesson the world has learnt from the Brexit farce.