Editorial : Better teaching environment more crucial than commendation

【明報專訊】MORE than one thousand teachers have been commended at the annual Teachers' Day Ceremony. Teachers all deserve commendation for their painstaking efforts to educate the young in the way spring breezes and rain nurture life. However, because of inadequate support from the government, many teachers have been rendered exhausted both physically and mentally. How can teachers take good care of students if they are under significant mental stress themselves? Hong Kong's education system is no longer what it is supposed to be. With society emphasising "winning at the starting line", many care only about boosting students' academic performance while overlooking the cultivation of virtue and good character. Hong Kong students generally tend to be self-centred and weak in facing up to adversity. Youth suicide has become a problem of widespread public concern. But in recent years, more and more schools have advocated changes to such a mindset through positive education and happy learning. The government must strengthen its support accordingly and pour in more resources to address the problem with the right remedy and to avoid aggravating the burden on teachers.