Editorial : Mainland residence permit scheme

【明報專訊】THE State Council has introduced a mainland residence permit scheme, providing eligible people in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan with evidence of living on the mainland and enabling them to enjoy the same treatment in various areas as that of mainland residents. The new measure will not only provide convenience for hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong people who travel to the mainland frequently, but also facilitate the integration of the Greater Bay Area. Currently Hong Kong people living on the mainland endure all kinds of inconvenience in their daily lives, some of which originate from unnecessary administrative red tape, which calls for relaxation, while others have to do with the fundamental differences between the "two systems", which have to be handled carefully. The integration between the two regions is a two-way process, and it involves give-and-take on both sides. These issues have to be handled in an appropriate and measured manner. What Hong Kong people need on the mainland is convenience rather than privileges. If they demand privileges and favours, the loss could outweigh the gain in the end.