Editorial : Demolition of platform will be unavoidable when excuses wear thin

【明報專訊】THE MTR Corporation emphasised that it would be open and transparent in the press conference when explaining the dishonest practices adopted in the coupling of steel bars as part of the expansion project of Hung Hom Station of the Shatin to Central Link. But it has failed to provide clear answers to a number of rather basic questions, such as who cut the steel bars, why did they do so, how many problematic couplings are there, etc. The public have reason to suspect that the MTR has been slack in monitoring the contractor and that it in fact does not know how serious the problem is. Before taking any remedial action and finding out who should be held responsible, one must be clear about the basic facts. Even though an independent consultant has been appointed by the MTR to do a loading test, this measure serves at most to strengthen public confidence. It does not mean that the problem has been resolved. If the MTR cannot provide answers to all the doubts and explain all the details clearly, the only option will be to dismantle the concrete and the steel bars in the area in question for a thorough examination.