Editorial : HK's drive to become a global innovative hub

【明報專訊】PRESIDENT XI JINPING has issued important instructions, vowing to support Hong Kong in its endeavour to become an "international hub of innovation and technology". While the pledge is in alignment with the central government's broad strategy of building an innovative country, it also represents a good opportunity for Hong Kong to redefine its own role. It is necessary to look at the central government's decision from the macro perspective of "Hong Kong and Macao's integration into the national development blueprint". History has shown that whenever "Hong Kong's strength" merges with "national needs", the city enters a new stage of development. Hong Kong society has lost its directions and aspirations for quite some time. The building of an "international hub of innovation and technology" will upgrade and restructure Hong Kong's economy, offering Hong Kong a goal that everyone in society can work hard towards. As long as Hong Kong is determined to go all out, it can have the chance to rebound and blaze a trail.