Editorial : US's move may speed up China's reunification

【明報專訊】OVER the past fortnight, China and the United States have separately introduced important initiatives concerning Taiwan. On 28th February, the mainland's Taiwan Affairs Office announced a package of 31 "Hui-Tai measures" (measures benefitting the Taiwan economy) covering industry, finance and taxation, land use, banking, employment, education, culture, health care and entertainment fields. The package was unprecedented in terms of its strength, scale and the number of sectors involved. Then on 5th March, the Taiwan Travel Act was sent to the White House following its unanimous passage through both chambers of US Congress. The bill called upon the administration to "encourage mutual visits between US and Taiwan officials at all levels" by, for instance, permitting high-level Taiwan officials to meet in the US with US officials including those from the State Department and the Pentagon. There is little chance that the bill would be vetoed by President Trump. Both events are set to influence future cross-strait relations and Sino-US relations profoundly.