Editorial : Plan C for developing Fanling golf course

【明報專訊】WITH respect to the disputes surrounding the use of the Fanling golf course, the government put off tackling the problem for a long time. It has finally submitted two proposals listed in a commissioned study to the Task Force on Land Supply — a partial development plan and a full development plan. The government's private recreational land lease policy is excessively biased towards meeting the needs of the middle and upper classes. Times have changed. Citizens no longer accept such a way. It certainly goes against the popular sentiment to insist that the whole Fanling golf course be preserved. The plans proposed in the commissioned study may be a basis for concrete discussion in the public consultation to be held. However, there is a certain gap between the estimation in the study of the number of residential flats that can be built and other views, and all may not be happy with the greening layout. Citizens have reason to believe there can be a plan C that is better. The plans suggested in the commissioned study should not be allowed to limit the discussions or options of the use of the golf course.