Editorial : Put politics aside in handling BU's Putonghua controversy

【明報專訊】UNHAPPY with the university's arrangement regarding Putonghua education, a dozen Baptist University (BU) students "occupied" the Language Centre in the course of which someone insulted and swore at the teachers and staff, provoking a series of controversies. The mass of extraneous details aside, the incident is in essence one of linguistic and political identity. Some students resist Putonghua and keep putting pressure on the university administration in the hope that the Putonghua proficiency requirement for graduation would be waived. Every university has its own education philosophy which should not be influenced by political pressure no matter what form it takes. Nor should a university drift with the tide and allow itself to be influenced by the political climate of society. BU's arrangement on Putonghua education is its own affairs and policy. The university administration should deal with it professionally as educators and should not allow political consideration to influence them or adopt a conciliatory stance simply to avoid further troubles.