Write on... Choices

【明報專訊】Even if I were to reach deep into my subconscious self, I don't think I'd hear so much as a whisper telling me it would be exciting to climb into the cockpit of an airplane and fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Charles Lindbergh did it in 1927, of course, winning the huge sum (at the time) of $25,000 for being the first person to do so. Five years later Amelia Earhart flew from Newfoundland to Northern Ireland and became the first woman to perform the undertaking. Regrettably, she didn't win a bundle of cash. Instead, she was offered an editorial job with an American magazine promoting the splendours of air travel. Regardless of the prize, however, flying alone over a vast ocean isn't something I'd pencil in on my To-Do list. There are a million other ways of achieving satisfaction, and what gives one person pleasure and creates a sense of fulfilment isn't something that can be transferred. A case in point would be that woman who recently dangled by her teeth beneath a helicopter 300 feet over Niagara Falls. She was overjoyed about that, but that was her choice. There's no way I could ever share in her delight.