Pop Around Town﹕Age gap in relationship: How big is too big?

【明報專訊】"Ageist insult!" cried Tiphaine Auzière, the daughter of Mrs Brigitte Macron, the new First Lady of France. Mrs Macron's husband, Emmanuel Macron, has just become the youngest President of France. He took office earlier this month. Ever since Macron rose to fame as a real contender for the presidency, his wife has received much criticism for being "unconventional". By that term, Macron's political opponents and French tabloids mainly refer to the big age gap between the couple. Mr Macron is 39, and Mrs Macron is 64. Critics have harped on the 24-year gap as a sign of something unusual, implying the new president's overdependence on a mother figure. Mrs Macron's daughter considers that an ageist and sexist insult.