Write on...﹕A safe landing

【明報專訊】When family members come to visit, they normally fly on a Canadian airline, and they've never experienced anything but an enjoyable flight. Recently, however, our sister and her husband flew here by way of a Hong Kong airline. We had a wonderful visit, but time passed much too quickly and we were soon back at the airport seeing them off. As soon as they were back in Hong Kong, we received an email message from them: it had been a wonderful flight, and they applauded the airline. That pleased me enormously, for I have always had a soft spot in my heart for that airline. Years ago when Ching Yee and I took our first trip from Hong Kong to England, we flew there on one of their planes. When we were booking the flight, I asked for a window seat. I've always had an interest in geography, and I wanted to see what the world looked like from 30,000 feet.