Culture Express﹕Classic silent films

【明報專訊】Two of the greatest silent films are to be shown in the city. A Trip to the Moon (《月球之旅》, 1902) is widely recognised as the first science-fiction film. Directed by Georges Méliès, a French illusionist and filmmaker, it is about six astronomers' lunar voyage. It was shot in black and white, but a hand-coloured version was discovered in 1993. The film is a milestone in the history of cinema because of its trail-blazing special effects. The other is Charlie Chaplin's The Kid (《差利與小孩》, 1921), a perennial favourite. It is about the life of a tramp (Charlie Chaplin) and a kid (Jackie Coogan) he has adopted. The movie is touching because it depicts not only a father-son relationship but also social cruelties in the particular era.