Walder, Yau, and the high-speed railway
韋達誠立即解僱 邱誠武應被問責 政府接管高鐵工程

【明報專訊】AFTER a two-hour meeting of the Legislative Council's Subcommittee on Matters Relating to Railways, it is still not clear what role, if any, the government played in concealing from the council and the public the delays to the construction of the high-speed railway. Taking all responsibility upon himself, MTR projects director Chew Tai-chong, who has already submitted his resignation, told the meeting that he had not informed MTR chief executive officer Jay Walder, the MTR board of directors, the government, and the Legislative Council of the delays, and he blamed himself for having hurt the interests of the MTR and the public. But in spite of what Chew said, and judging by what is known to date, it is simply impossible that Walder was all along unaware of what was happening.