The Ascendency of the Radical Democrats
激進力量主導民主派 議會政治生態堪憂

【明報專訊】IN THE LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL ELECTION, the pan-democrats secured a total of 27 seats. On the surface, this means that they have retained their position as the critical minority and are still able to supervise the government, especially with respect to the electoral arrangements for the 2017 Chief Executive election by universal suffrage. They can still wield veto power and prevent the government from doing anything it likes. However, radical democrats have come to replace the moderates as the leading force in the pro-democracy camp, which will have far-reaching effects on the operation of the Legislative Council, the political ecology of Hong Kong, and the development of democracy. We cannot say for certain that the radical democrats' ascendency to power will be a boon to Hong Kong as a whole.