良心雜貨店被迫加價 突顯競爭法須快實施

【明報專訊】A young man has started a small grocery store in Sham Shui Po. Seeing that many living in the district are elderly or in the lower income bracket, he has tried to increase sales by lowering his profit margins. For example, he priced Nissin demae ramen at $3 a pack, for which he paid a Nissin Foods agent $2.7 a pack. The agent's suggested retail price is $10 for three packs, or about $3.3 a pack. Not long ago a representative of the agent told him that his company had received a complaint from a big supermarket chain that he did not follow the suggested price and that his supply might be instantly cut off unless he adopted the suggested price. He said he had reluctantly given in and raised his price of the product to the supermarket chain's for fear that he could get no supply from the agent. His sales of Nissin demae ramen have since dropped.