Emmy The Great's Blog﹕Xmas In HK

【明報專訊】My time in Hong Kong, having been cut short by the Christmas travel chaos, went quickly. I was there for ten days, but in the end it felt the equivalent of a few bowls of noodles and some nights out in Wan Chai (including one where I tried to use Wikipedia as ID to get into a club). I did manage to watch a great Japanese film called Norwegian Wood (《挪威的森林》), which I recommend, and guest on a radio show, which I also recommend. It's on RTHK Radio 3, and it's hosted by Ellie Davis. She is someone I know from her days working at the BBC, and she plays a great selection of new-wave indie from around the world. Plus, she's really fun, as I discovered in a series of empty bars on the first day of the year.