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In Hong Kong English, the word wine is used to mean any type of alcoholic drink. This use is different from the usual English meaning of the word. The word wine is only the drink made from fermented grape juice. In the last article, I discussed the many types of alcoholic beverages and today I am providing a chart of them. The basic concepts of malting, fermentation and distillation were also covered in the last article.

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There are many mixed drinks, wine growing regions, grape varieties and wine companies. To name them all would require writing a whole dictionary of drinks. I will only include the most common as examples.

Wine in the Bible has been translated from several different Hebrew words. These may mean grape juice (new wine), fermented grape juice (old wine) or even fermented grape juice with hashish dissolved in it (strong drink). What each word means can depend on the translation being read.

In the chart distilled and fermented drinks are represented by: D or F.

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