John Larrysson's Column: Summer Story Chapter 10 Part 4 You must never hit your sister
The Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

The sunshine came in through the windows into the house, and everything was so neat and pretty. The table was covered with a red cloth, and the stove, where her mother cooked, was polished shining black. Through the bedroom door Laura could see the trundle bed in its place under the big bed. The pantry door stood wide open, giving the sight and smell of goodies on the shelves, and Black Susan the cat came purring down the stairs from the attic, where she had been taking a nap.

It was all so pleasant, and Laura felt so happy and good that no one would ever have thought she could be as naughty as she was that evening.

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Aunt Lotty had gone, and Laura and Mary were tired and cross. They were at the woodpile, picking up a pan of wood chips to kindle the cook fire in the morning. (To kindle a fire is to start it). They always hated to pick up wood chips, but every day they had to do it. Today they hated it more than ever.

Laura grabbed the biggest wood chip, and Mary said, "I don't care. Aunt Lotty likes my hair best, anyway. Golden hair is a lot prettier than brown."

Laura's throat swelled tight, and she could not speak. She knew golden hair was prettier than brown. She could not speak, so she reached out and slapped Mary's face.

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Then she heard her father say, "Come here, Laura."

She went slowly, dragging her feet. Her father was sitting just inside the door. He had seen her slap Mary.

"You remember," her father said, "I told you girls you must never hit each other."

Laura began, "But Mary said-"

"That makes no difference," said her father. "It is what I say that you must do."

Then he gave Laura a spanking. He hit her bottom hard with his hand many times.

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Laura sat on a chair in the corner and cried. When she stopped crying, she did not talk to anyone. The only thing in the whole world to be glad about was that Mary had to fill the wood chip pan all by herself.

At last, when it was getting dark, her father said, "Come here, Laura." His voice was kind, and when Laura came he took her on his knee and hugged her close. She leaned against his arm, her head against his shoulder and his long brown whiskers partly covered her eyes, and everything was all right again.

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She told her father all about it, and she asked him, "You don't like golden curls better than brown, do you?"

Her father's blue eyes looked down at her, and he said, "Well, Laura, my hair is brown."

She had not thought of that. Her father's hair was brown, and his whiskers were brown, and she thought brown was a lovely colour. But she was glad that Mary had had to pick up all the wood chips.

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