Editorial : Remove barriers to venturing into Greater Bay Area

【明報專訊】AS THE SITUATION of the COVID-19 pandemic has eased further on the mainland and in Hong Kong, efforts to build the Greater Bay Area, which were in stasis in one point, are now back on the agenda. Making inter-connected moves one after another, the central government has, in the wake of announcing the Qianhai and Hengqin Plans, rolled out eight measures to encourage Hong Kong young people to explore opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area. Measures with the purpose of promoting the integration of Hong Kong into the bigger framework of national development are never too many. But one should also understand that there are, aside from the pandemic factor, still many barriers at present between Guangdong Province and Hong Kong. If the governments of the two sides do not take the initiative to remove the barriers and red tape, the young people will inevitably continue to take a wait-and-see attitude.