Editorial:WHO's approval of 2nd Chinese vaccine against COVID

【明報專訊】The World Health Organisation (WHO) has approved a COVID-19 vaccine made by Sinovac for emergency use listing. This is the second Chinese COVID-19 vaccine that has been confirmed by the WHO to be safe and effective, the first being the Sinopharm vaccine. As the COVID-19 virus has kept mutating, the first generation of vaccines, though not panaceas, can slow down the rate at which the pandemic worsens around the world. This gives scientists more time to develop a new generation of vaccines and drugs. Experts say that the many types of vaccines against COVID-19 are still effective against variants to a certain extent. Hong Kong has two vaccines approved by the WHO, namely the Comirnaty and the Sinovac vaccines. Instead of waiting for the ''perfect vaccine'' to become available, the public might as well get vaccinated as soon as possible to build a wall of protection for the sake of themselves and others.