Editorial:Carrot and stick in boosting inoculation

【明報專訊】Aiming to achieve full protection against COVID-19 in Hong Kong by raising the vaccination rate significantly by September, the government has launched a city-wide campaign to boost inoculation. As the government joins forces with the various sectors of the city to step up inoculations, the most preferred approach is of course to appeal to people's reason and compassion. But if people are still unwilling to receive the jab because of various reasons, sometimes extraordinary measures may be necessary. The idea of barring the unvaccinated from certain venues touches upon the issue of personal costs and is bound to be met with controversies. Still, after all the time that has passed since the outbreak of the pandemic, it should be clear to all sides that a balance must be struck between individual rights and anti-pandemic needs. From the public health perspective, if the restrictions are reasonable and proportionate, what has to be done should be done even though that means causing inconvenience to some.