Editorial:Plug the loopholes of variant gatekeeping

【明報專訊】The number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection in Hong Kong has remained low in recent days. Most of the cases were imported, and even the local cases had basically known origins. On the surface, the pandemic seems to have eased off. However, since six confirmed cases involving mutant strains have also emerged in the community and some of them are untraceable, there are still major malaises in the city's pandemic situation. In order to prevent the situation from developing into another wave of outbreaks, the government must adopt measures as quickly as possible to break the transmission chains of mutant strains. Furthermore, as the release of variants into the community shows that there are loopholes in the anti-pandemic and quarantine measures concerning inbound travellers, the government must take a thorough review and plug the loopholes. Only then can the anti-pandemic achievements be reinforced and can it be ensured that the pandemic will not worsen repeatedly, thus enabling the entire city to come out of the predicament gradually.