Editorial:Preventing a crisis of confidence in vaccines

【明報專訊】The city has seen a string of unusual incidents following Sinovac vaccination. As of 11pm last night (March 8), there had been three cases of deaths after receiving the jabs. Several more cases of indisposition or serious abnormal incidents have been reported, and two of the patients concerned are in critical condition. Judging from people's response to the incidents, one may say a sentiment of ''vaccine hesitancy'' has taken shape and spread through the community. When the inoculation of the BioNTech vaccine begins, the number of unusual incidents will continue to increase. In other words, ''vaccination and unusual incidents'' will become the norm. The authorities must take decisive measures to prevent a crisis of confidence in vaccines. The government must guide the public to view the side effects of the vaccines from a scientific perspective and face them with calmness, rather than be emotionally driven and frighten each other unjustifiably. Only then will Hong Kong's inoculation drive show significant effects and curb the pandemic.