Editorial : Demand for vaccines

【明報專訊】The COVID-19 virus is wreaking havoc on the entire world. Vaccines are seen as an important tool to overcome the pandemic and return our lives to normal. For some time there have been cases of unusual situations all over the world after people received vaccination, and some of them have even died. Even though experts believe that there is no scientific evidence that these cases are related to vaccines, some people must now be warier of vaccination than before. The authorities' responsibility is to seriously follow up on these unusual cases on the one hand, and explain more to the public on the other hand to prevent hesitation about vaccines from hindering the progress of vaccination programmes. At the same time, the authorities must also straighten out vaccination arrangements and speed up vaccination programmes. Vaccines are in short supply globally, and they are out of stock in many countries, making it impossible for vaccination programmes to be implemented quickly. However, it will be unacceptable if there are indeed vaccines but the vaccination programmes are delayed due to improper arrangements, which cause a bottleneck and piles of unused vaccines.