Editorial:Tilted power may breed political corruption

【明報專訊】Several departments of the central government have held a symposium in Shenzhen to hear opinions on perfecting Hong Kong's electoral system. If the speech by Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office Director Xia Baolong last week was to set the tone for the principles of ''patriots governing Hong Kong'', the Shenzhen symposium was to discuss the concrete reform proposals. Attendees have floated ideas like changing the composition of the chief executive election committee, reforming the legislature's electoral system, establishing a credentials committee for qualifying candidates, requiring Legislative Council candidates to be nominated by members on the chief executive election committee and so forth. Hong Kong's political environment has already changed ever since the anti-extradition storm and the enactment of the Hong Kong National Security Law. We cannot turn the clock back to the time before the anti-extradition storm. Now that Beijing wants to expel ''anti-China individuals who disrupt Hong Kong'' from the Establishment, the political and the electoral systems of Hong Kong are bound to face drastic changes. However, overdoing something can be equally bad as underdoing it. ''Uniformity'' should not be the goal when fulfilling ''patriots governing Hong Kong''. Institutional reform should be done in a way that guarantees the pluralism of society as well as to avoid skewing the power overly in favour of a handful of people with vested interests, which will breed political corruption.