Editorial:Mandatory testing scheme must be more aggressive

【明報專訊】COVID-19 cases continue to break out in old districts. North Point, following on the heels of Yau Ma Tei and Sham Shui Po, also has old buildings in crisis, and some residents have had to be evacuated and kept in quarantine. In old districts, the living conditions are appalling. Subdivided units, many with disorganised pipework, have been the weak link in anti-pandemic efforts. Recently, the spread of the virus has been like ''fire spreading across boats chained from stem to stem''. The government must act more decisively and swiftly. If a ''triply inadequate'' building (one that is without an owner's corporation, a residents' organisation and a management company) is found to have confirmed cases, mandatory testing must be conducted, while more aggressive action must be taken to seal off the district.