Editorial:Verdict on the Alex Chow case

【明報專訊】The Coroner's Court has returned an open verdict on the cause of death of HKUST student Alex Chow, who fell to his death during the anti-amendment movement the year before last. The coroner, Mr. Ko Wai-hung, said that the verdict was almost close to the truth. Chow's father expressed hope that the truth would be revealed in his lifetime. After a long and serious examination of all the evidence, the Coroner's Court was still unable to gain a full picture of the cause of Chow's death, which is somewhat regrettable. However, just as Chow's father has said, we have all tried our best. Since all parties have tried to find the truth in vain, we should respect the court's decision and accept the result that is the closest to the truth. We should not try to add new sorrow to what was already an unfortunate incident.