Write on...:BINTON‧2

【明報專訊】Sheep, cows, ducks and geese once roamed freely down the narrow road in front of Binton's St Peter's Church, so to get to the entrance one has to clamber over a low stone wall by way of a wooden stile. Once over it, a path leads through the yard to the side of the church, and at the very rear of it is its ancient wooden door. Standing in the shade of the entrance you can look out over the many tilted and weathered headstones of the church cemetery. In the distance beyond them rise the indefinite, undulating hills of Warwickshire. Then, giving a stiff pull on the handle of the large wooden door, you are inside the foyer where it takes several long moments for your eyes to become accustomed to the dim light. Eventually they do, and that's when you see another hand-lettered notice that directs you ahead to The Scott Expedition.