StudyAbroad : A whole new challenge

【明報專訊】I have come to slowly realise that university is a whole new ball game compared to high school. I had always thought that it would just be an academically more rigorous and socially more liberal version of high school; boy was I wrong! Almost three weeks into my first semester, I have already missed two online quizzes, confused by all the different websites used to submit homework and lost in dozens of notifications a day. There is no excuse, no mercy. If you miss a deadline by even a minute, that's it. No one will chase you around for late homework anymore, and professors couldn't care less if you miss a lecture. Support and tutoring are there if you need it, but the whole learning process still feels very independent. You attend a lecture, the professor shows you an example or two, then you are expected to finish problem sets and quizzes, filling in any gaps with the textbook or other resources.