Editorial : HK needs Greater Bay Area more than ever

【明報專訊】Amid the pandemic-battered global economy and an unpredictable international situation, Hong Kong has to concentrate more on development efforts so as to overcome the adversities brought about by the pandemic and get on its feet again. A practical and viable choice is setting the city's sight on the Greater Bay Area. From the business sector to the technological sector, there are views that Hong Kong should flexibly respond to the circumstances and prefer the easily accessible to the out-of-reach. Making inroads into the Greater Bay Area is the big direction. However, the Hong Kong government's enterprise in this regard is obviously far from enough. In contrast to the mainland and Macao where the pandemic is under control, Hong Kong is still mired in the mud. The failure to implement the Hong Kong Health Code so far has obstructed people's travel between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of work to be done by the Hong Kong authorities on the policy level. They should not just sit back and wait until the end of the pandemic before making plans. The Hong Kong government must speed up its negotiation with Guangdong and Macao so as to eliminate the various bottlenecks and formulate substantial development strategies for deepening co-operation.