Editorial:A gap in housing supply

【明報專訊】LAND AND HOUSING remain in short supply in Hong Kong, and the situation seems to be further deteriorating amid the pandemic. Stanley Wong, former chairman of the Hong Kong Housing Authority's Subsidised Housing Committee, has expressed worry that the shortfall of about 800 hectares of land in the short and medium term cannot be covered by 2026. Since the Report of the Task Force on Land Supply was submitted more than one and a half years ago, not much progress has been made in finding land and putting up housing. Many projects have yet to be initiated, and the government has run into a lot of difficulties with land requisition. Furthermore, the so-called public-private partnership is all sizzle and no steak and the waiting time for public housing is getting longer and longer. Citizens do not see that the Hong Kong government has the will and determination to overcome political obstacles and make up for lost time. Over the following years, public housing supply is facing a ''gap''. Looking for land to put up housing is a task that can no longer be delayed. The Hong Kong government needs to figure out a practical solution to this problem in next month's policy address.