Editorial : Remembering June 4 amid the pandemic

【明報專訊】TODAY is the 31st anniversary of the June 4 Incident. Because of the ongoing gathering ban amid the pandemic, the vigil at Victoria Park cannot be held as usual. People can only light candles individually to commemorate the incident on their own in groups of no more than eight people. Amid the tremendous internal and external changes over the past year and in the face of a new Sino-US cold war, tensions between Hong Kong and the mainland have also reached the highest level since the June 4 incident. The central government's push to enact a national security law for the HKSAR has raised doubts among many Hong Kong people. The younger generation is also more concerned about the anniversary of the anti-extradition storm than the June 4 anniversary. However, to demand a reversion of the official stand on June 4 is to seek historical justice, a cause that should not be altered by the outbreak of any disease anyplace, anytime or any change in the political situation. The 1989 Democracy Movement was a patriotic democratic movement that should not have been crushed brutally. So far, Hong Kong people can openly commemorate June 4 under "One country, two systems". Even after the national security law for the city is implemented, Hong Kong people should not be banned from expressing the demand for the official rehabilitation of June 4.