Editorial:Bite the bullet in the face of 'pandemic tsunami'

【明報專訊】SEEING a significant surge in confirmed Covid-19 infections, the Hong Kong government has announced a number of new anti-pandemic measures, including a temporary closure of borders to non-Hong Kong residents coming from overseas and a ban on alcohol in all bars and restaurants. As the pandemic spirals out of control in Europe and the US, throngs of Hong Kong people there are returning to the city to flee the pandemic, leading to a spike in imported cases in Hong Kong. Individuals who have not complied with mandatory home quarantine orders in a self-disciplined manner have increased the risk of spreading the virus. Recent clusters of community cases have partly involved wedding banquets, social gatherings and bar going. That shows some people have lowered their guard and failed to observe social distancing at all times. As the outbreak is expected to peak in the coming fortnight, all sides of Hong Kong society must come together to bite the bullet and bear the pain of these difficult times. Medical professionals have held fast to their positions for the sake of Hong Kong. We citizens should also heighten our awareness of the pandemic for the sake of the city and the medics. What is more, people ordered to undergo home quarantine must remain at home and the government must strengthen its enforcement and come down heavily on violators. If necessary, the government should also order a temporary shutdown of restaurants, bars, cinemas, etc., to sever the chains of community spread.