Mona's Musings : Free online documentary library

【明報專訊】The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam is the largest of its kind, featuring close to 300 selected films out of near 3,000 submissions annually. Of all the films in its collection, about 200 are available for free on its website for international viewers outside the Netherlands. From unsolved crimes to space science, the festival captures topics that would draw wide interest. Some of the films are as short as 15 minutes, making them a handy pastime for a short commute (通勤). If you are homebound (出不了門的) as I am, you might consider squeezing a packed, informative video into your work / chores / home-aerobics routine for a change. At a time when foreign travel is largely suspended, documentaries are perhaps the next best thing when we have to explore the world, often in more depth and with more details than we would have on a short vacation trip.