Editorial : Dealing with a rush to return to HK

【明報專訊】THE HONG KONG GOVERNMENT has issued a red travel alert for all countries in the world. Starting from midnight on Thursday, all people arriving in Hong Kong have to put themselves in compulsory home quarantine for 14 days except for those coming from Macao and Taiwan. As the COVID-19 virus is spreading across the world and the second wave of coronavirus cases is happening, the risk of cases imported from abroad is heightening significantly. It is necessary for the Hong Kong government to step up quarantine and disease-control measures at arrival gates. Hong Kong students studying abroad are in their tens of thousands. As these students, who are descendants of Hong Kong people, are set to return to Hong Kong in the short term from Europe and the US to flee the pandemic, it is necessary for the government to plan a response as soon as possible and mobilise more isolation equipment and facilities.