Study Abroad:The Oxbridge challenge

【明報專訊】I am currently waiting to hear from Oxford about whether I have an interview or not. Oxford and Cambridge, being two of the most selective universities in the UK, have their own system of application. All students in the UK submit their application through a system called UCAS, which is similar to JUPAS, by the 15th of January. Universities have until early May to respond, and they transmit their decisions on a rolling basis, usually within 12 weeks. If you receive an offer, it will be either conditional, meaning that you have to obtain certain grades at the end of your A-level exams in order to be admitted (my offer from KCL is A*AA, for example); or unconditional, meaning that either there are no requirements or you have already met them (this happens usually when students re-apply after receiving their grades). Or they might just reject you!