Editorial:Don't let the rule of law die in silence

【明報專訊】AFTER acts of wanton vandalism at multiple MTR stations, train operations were again disrupted on the first day of the new school term yesterday (Sep 2) due to the non‑cooperation movement carried out by some in open defiance of court injunctions. The rule of law is both the cornerstone of the city and the core value most cherished by Hong Kong people. The authority of judicial organs is exactly the foundation of the rule of law. MTR facilities are repairable even if seriously damaged. But if the rule of law is subjected to a heavy blow or impact, it will be much more difficult to repair the breach. The Hong Kong Bar Association has released a statement condemning the mass defiance of court injunctions over the weekend, saying that such actions would make society descend into lawlessness. The statement pinpoints the seriousness of the problem. It is the responsibility of all sectors in society, especially the legal profession, regardless of their political stance, to stand up and guard the rule of law as well as the authority of the court. Actions constituting contempt of court should not be left unheard and unquestioned. The rule of law should never be left to die in silence.