Editorial:Distressing scenes of violence in HK

【明報專訊】THE flames of violence continue to spread. The incidents that happened in Yuen Long and the Western District of Hong Kong Island on Sunday night were symbols of two extremely dangerous new flames. Widely believed to involve political motives rather than common assault and battery, the attacks in Yuen Long have raised worries about whether political violence will run amok. At the same time, the political implication of besieging and storming Beijing's liaison office has already gone beyond objecting the amendment of the fugitive law. In the eyes of the central government, that also involves whether it was a symbol of rejecting "One country, two systems". Although the storming of the liaison office and the Yuen Long attacks were different in nature, both of them were life‑and‑death matters to Hong Kong. Hong Kong society is underpinned by the rule of law. Violence must be condemned and all parties must restore calm as quickly as possible and say no to violence. The government must set up an independent commission of inquiry to unearth all the truths concerning the anti‑extradition storm. The Yuen Long attacks are related to the basic question of people's personal safety and the police are criticised for failing to discharge their duties adequately. It must bring all the thugs to justice as soon as possible.